Love is like a Ferris Wheel

There will be ups and down. We’ll feel the excitement when that round metal starts to turn. We’ll feel the fear and palpitation when a sudden upward force makes us jerk as if our souls were left on the ground.

Feel the thrill when we’re in for another round.

The next few minutes, the adrenaline rush lessens, finally, boredom strikes.

It becomes familiar. But when you had looked on the other side, you saw that smile on the stranger’s lips.

Now you’re in for another ride.


The First Mistake

The first mistake

I woke up in the taste of liquor. My hair was sticky, made by the spray net and sweat that went dry. They were the hints of wilderness of the last night party. I could remember how I banged my head with the rhythm as the guy on stage strum his guitar and drunk the beer beside him. The smoke and the alcohol build an ecstatic environment suffocating me, consuming every last drop of sanity. It was my second time for a night out, second lie.

 I’m 20 years old and I know I’m in the right age. I’m mature and responsible enough and I don’t need their consent. A rebel unleashed behind the bars. I freaking love and wanted the night life, curiosity pushes me to explore. It was something I really wanted, something I don’t want to miss out before I get married or die. I just want to see how the world operates at night and finally I got what I wanted.

The howling and shouting of the strangers in the bar, the screeching sound made by the DJ disk and the laughter brought by the alcohol that penetrated the minds of the party goers, everything was there. There was no spot for silence. Everyone seemed to feel the happiness, the artificial feeling that eventually fades right after you woke up in the morning.

So this is the waited moment. I’m witnessing it now. I had seen how the girls had gone sober and do the nasty dance. Guys of all ages were like flirting everywhere, hands are ready for their prey victims. Others would gone wild and start fighting. Money was like invaluable as papers thrown in the trash.

This is the thing I always wanted, the thing I thought I always wanted.

For my generation, this was such a norm but now I rather be different and become a taboo. It was like hell I’ve seen on earth and I realized there are reasons why some things are left unrevealed and some things were forbidden. I was one of those who crossed the line and it was fun and tempting but behind every inviting apple is a serpent waiting.

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