Let’s eat BLAT! Hey What?!

I had fun eating this exotic food named ‘BLAT’. Yes, you read it right, it’s BLAT. Don’t worry this blog isn’t a porn site. For some ilonggos this may sound unlikely since BLAT stands for a female reproductive organ but let’s be mature here. Don’t ever say ‘ewww’ because you’ll regret half of your life if you haven’t ate this shawarma wrap and if you haven’t been in TSK ( Tilawi Shawarma Ko).

BLAT is an acronym for Beef, Lettuce and Tomato. I could consider this as food porn but what really amazed me is how they have come up with the menu’s name that would technically ring a bell to everyone’s ears.  I was intrigued that I was totally moved to try this ‘orgasm in a wrap’ they say. I had just quoted that phrase written in their freedom or specifically vandal wall.

There’s this corner in their restaurant that you could actually write your thoughts about the food, your signature, anything regardless of the vulgarity. How I wish I’d taken a picture of that.


While ordering BLAT…  😛

Nang Ai: Nong anu na d namit?

Manong: Ang BLAT mu e..

Manang while taking Nang Irene’s order…

Manang: Anu order mo gane ah?

Nang Ai: Ang BLAT mu nang..

Haha.. I had so much fun eating BLAT. LOL

Let's eat BLAT! Hey What?!
Eating BLAT with my friends and crush

Visit: T.S.K (Tilawi Shawarma Ko) Facebook Page



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