#Aren’t we tired of hashtags?

Let’s have a rewind on our lives, back to the day when hashtag was just called number sign, when ‘like’ were fully expressed in words and when ‘connections’ are not mere people you meet online.

Have you ever looked around and enjoyed the sunrise before twitching your face in front of your smartphone? I bet you would have post that to make other girls jealous because you think you had the best angle today.

Remember the time when Facebook wasn’t even a word, that you even thought of it as another textbook. From that day, say 5 years ago, did you ever see yourself like some kind of dork answering the same question almost every day, `What’s on your mind? What’s on your mind?’

The day I started Facebook, there was never a tiny voice that says “Hey your profile sucks! Look at hers, She’s cute with a peace sign and lips almost covering the whole part of the camera, emphasizing the duck face fad”

But I was pretty adoptive and stupid to lose myself in this undercover data profiling social site.

I, too, was guilty of duck and sparrow face thingy. I mean even guys do that nowadays. How awful and sad that our generation focused more on improving their virtual lives than the actual things.

No offense but I really don’t get it, how can people actually post pictures and flood their walls with images portraying their office productivity or that they doing the household chores. If you’re really busy then that means you lack time and common sense dictates me, that also means you won’t even have a time for a pose. Imagine how many hours did you ever think of that caption and hashtags to make that post go viral? That’s a looooot of time. 

And I thought social media is about connection and communication or maybe just my thoughts because as I see it now, it’s the leading reason why children don’t even talk much to their parents but they have all the time to tell the world their embarrassment and heartaches. So did Facebook help you move on with your Ex? No. 

Did you ever think how many days and hours have you lost by browsing and updating everything on Facebook? I’ll be a hypocrite if I just keep saying these things and not doing anything. I tried deactivating my account because I think it had taught me to breed insecurity, to create competition and to dwell myself to something that is vain.

Yes, I still do post and I agree it’s hard to leave Facebook or twitter but since then, I had value real life connections more than ever. Tangible memories. Yes tangible, one that you will remember without browsing anything on your online albums. Remember, the day when your sister smiled after finishing her assignments with your help or the time when Daddy cooked your favorite food or the moment when you dance alone with your guy, those memories don’t need some documentation.

Now you’re burying your face, for the guilt, for the lost time. It could have been the most, for beautiful memories aren’t hashtagged or shared, rather remembered.

At first, I have no idea how to entitle this blog post but I came up with


Hope that this will be a sort of calling to guys and girls of my age, stop living your life through social media dictations and trends and stop living to people’s expectation. Life at twenties, it’s should be all about career path, travel and more education not a whole bunch of selfies with your new straightened and colored hair. Cease the online charade. Wake up from that social media trance state.

Let me know your thoughts at the comment box. What did you realized? Did you #JustWokeUp ?


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