I love being a Wallflower


–  a person who remains at the side of the party. (Dictionary)

–  someone who is unattractive that is maybe due to flabbiness or skinniness, paleness or having dark complexion, large nose, bashful eyes, timid smile or very low self-esteem. (me)     

I’m not really a typical wallflower; I mean not the nerdy type who doesn’t get to the dance floor or someone who just drool at those clingy couples and drown herself with her own enzyme.

I’m not THAT.

I get to dance with ten guys during my high school prom (7 of them are my classmates and the rest are acquaintance friends). I guess it made no difference to being unnoticed at the dance.

For me, the real wallflower is the girl who never gets to dance his dream guy.

Yeah. Been there.

I’m not here to make you feel worst, to make you realized that you didn’t have your fairy tale-like waltz during prom or to find someone my own kind (pathetic ones).

I am here to change your thoughts. How? By reading this until the end. Ooooh.. Sounds like a marketing strategy. Haha

No, seriously there are so many things that you should be happy and should love being a wallflower (like you’ll want it for the rest of your life).

But I’ll just outline three perks, the most important ones.


Perk no. 1: You don’t have to be someone else


I love being a wallflower

You don’t have to dress like Lady Gaga every day to get noticed or maintain a certain fashion statement. Why? Because people don’t care about you and you don’t have to please anyone. No expectation to live by. No reputation to be taken care of because you don’t have one. You can wear even your mother’s clothes and heck, no one will ever care. In short, you are totally FREE.

Cool, huh.

Perk no. 2: Charm them with your occasional beauty

I love being a wallflower

Correlated to no.1, you will have that mystery factor. I mean, that being wallflower thingy could be something more. All the while, you think it’s a weakness but actually it’s your shield in that running bundles of zombies coming (I was thinking of world war z movie while writing this). I know what those curve lines on your forehead means.

I mean this could be your advantage. Now face the mirror. What can you see? A girl, probably. Haha Now go find a lipstick, pluck all the hair that needs to be plucked and find a suitable dress.

Warning: Do this after taking a bath else all your effort will be devastated. Thank you.


Go out and surprise the world! As I have said, this is correlated with no. 1. From that Celestine, transform yourself into Zooey Des Channel clone. Since you don’t belong to the elite and popular group, dress up occasionally and guys will somehow get bothered by your existence. Don’t be that chick that every pervert would turn to but be that someone who triggers people’s curiosity until they die of insomnia. 😉

Perk no. 3: You will know Who is Who

I love being a wallflower

I assume most of the wallflowers are shy types. They are the one who blushes when called out by their full name, run away when confronted or smile secretly when probably heard a joke.

There’s just like a little line between them and lunatics. Haha Kidding.

Since they don’t really get bother to look good every day, wallflowers are lucky. Because even without nice leopard dresses she will have her own animalistic but true friends, even without a make-up she will have that one guy who will look at her like she have un-washable blush on and indestructible false eyes lashes.

Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it. No effort at all.


P.S. This isn’t derived from the book ‘Perks of being a Wallflower’ rather inspired by this novel ‘The Flirt Club’ by Cathleen Daly.


Thanks for reading! Ta ta! Now, don’t just read this but ‘DO’ this. 🙂



Credits: lifeordepth.com


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