Caged Wings

Caged Wings
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I want to take a different road. Open those wings that longed to flutter.

But every time I try to take a step, a ball of chain echoed in the four walls of isolation. The only free in me is my hand that can touch the air outside of the cold bars. How promising do my eyes see on that horizon? I know there’s a better world into that end.

What is stopping me from getting there?

It was the attachment, this rusty chain embracing my ankle, not tired of holding it for years. For years, I have tolerated my thirst, the chafe stings as it clutched against my skin but will it ever be unlocked someday? I can’t wait for that to happen.

Like a mermaid wanting to walk, I’ll skip and turn and turn until my knees cannot take the weariness.  You’ll be going to see that very big smile on my lips and in my eyes, that would mean ‘thank you’.

But it’s way too far. Again, as the sun set and its light slowly begging goodbyes and so are my hopes.

Total darkness will accompany me on another night. When the sun rises again tomorrow,

it will reborn my wishes –only when the sun rises.




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