The Beautiful Beast

The Beauttiful Beast


The weak boy inside him lies

But I see beauty in the monster’s eyes

Telling me that he might need a little hug,

Some kisses and a little love

But as I embrace and care

I could feel the pain of stabs at my back

Then I see myself wounded

When I share that little love

His unpredictable ways

Is a touch move game

Lucky are the days

When he is tame

But inside his evil heart

Was a dot of kindness, I can see

Behind his monstrous deeds

Is a man that dreadfully bleeds

I cast all my understanding

Believing that he’ll be changing

But like a fire in a matchstick

My hopes are gone in a flick

As I escape my way

I could hear the beast sobs

It pains me that I had to surrender

But should I stay and ?