Where was I all this time?

Where was I all the time?

Encapsulated within internet trends, am I forgetting to live? To breathe, to appreciate air, books and the aroma of its old pages. I quite missed the laugh during dinner or watching the TV show as a whole.

This little box of energy that we thought had sucked out life and all of its potentials.

It consumes so much of time that when I saw the people around me, things have changed and I was clueless. Catching up seems not applicable.

So where was I all the time?

Hacked by temporary pleasures, busy updating my status and yet one old lady yearns for my visit, misses me and wishes everyday that somehow she passes into my mind.

While she’s busy counting trees, I was there drown with the hype. Letting every essential people in my life to crash one by one while I spend some tea time to fake friends.

So here’s for her:

I remember all the good old times with you

So don’t you cry and break in two

For you are always treasured in my solitary moments

Forever kept and safeguarded

Your smile and those far gapped teeth

And your white hair, for me will always be black

I would even stopped the clock, if I could

Just do not think that you’re alone

Your laughter will always be my lullaby

So don’t stopped and please

Wait for me again til I say another ‘hi’


I love you so much..



Photo Credit: pixabay


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