My Thoughts When I Ride a Boat

Thoughts when I ride a Boat - Brynel Marie Sequio

There could have been
Thousands of thoughts
this boat might be carrying
It could problems, it could be love, it could be dreams you never had
But as it glazed its way into the sea
All the worry, fear and questions
Seemed to not matter anymore
As you go sailing in the shore.

While Jaiden Novasio thinks that a pen is medication
I got my smartphone tap cause
I found some inspiration
This travel is a breath of fresh air
Like the sea smiles at me and cheer.

No need for earphones
Cause nature doesn’t bore
Waves are like chuckling babies
That makes you laugh without reasons
And when you looked around
inside that boat
Others are asleep, some might be dreaming and here I am writing about them. 😀


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