Playing It Cool Movie [When Mr. Scriptwriter Finally Believes in LOve?]

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2am and I’m good as the lady who can swing hips for an hour taebo. It’s kind of alien-ish to stay up this late, watching a movie, shedding tears for every single drama encountered and scratching my snobbish cat’s tummy.

Well, they say, all great sparkling splendid ideas come to life at 2am. I say that’s what happens technically if you start browsing for 2015 movies at 11 and end up watching it at 12 midnight. (Munching carbs reminder please..I’m enjoying so much)

So where was I. Oh. Playing It Cool. Yeah, that’s the title already your reading. 🙂

Actually, it’s a hilarious and intellectual romcom movie. You see, it’s my well-liked genre. A mixture of laughter, sex, love, and lessons.

Playing it cool really was a good title for it.

So here it is! The GUY (first person point of view, so I don’t know his name on the movie) a screenplay writer who had traumatic experience since his mother and father split up. It was actually tolerable then, not until one day, he woke up and one box of cereal changed his life — yes

Glued to the box, was a sticky note from his mother saying ‘I love you’ and that she’s moving into Chile to some other guy. He was left behind taken care by his Grand Dad and an obscene babysitter.

Well, I guess that explains it! Explains what?  He grew up theorizing that love doesn’t actually exist. It starts off with a drink and conversation with some stranger girl at the bar, then to the jerking up and down and end himself with bruises because most of his dates were actually committed.

So his next project is a touch challenge. He was actually assigned to write a romantic comedy script and he was perfectly clueless what to wr–it-e. As he defines love and romance, all related to hormones and sexual needs of a person.

Ooh. This guy is bound to be alone.Not to mention all the slaps he got from jilting girls. Ohh I know this common line they used to say. Tsktsk.


Until one day, one woman made the difference.


One woman who would make his jaw’s dropped to the ground. The funny, intellectual lad seems to share an interest with him.

At first, it was just some sort of experiment though. At least that would help him finish the script. If he gets chances of exploring this love thingy then maybe he’ll have more to add ideas to add on. But then, when your heart smokes. I mean when your heart finally gives in to feet tapping feeling.

He realized that he finally found the girl she wants to do random things to, the ‘more than sex’ type, someone who delays his thinking. Oh boy, our writer seems to be love blocked!

Too bad, she’s engaged.

Watch this romantic comedy movie and you’ll find your way to believe in electrifying shocks of love! Sounds cheesy but you’ll know what I’m saying. 😉

Quote from the movie:

I’m gonna tell you this one from my point of view so you can put yourself in there.

So the story goes: The guy falls in love with a girl, the second he meets her, but it takes them a lifetime to get it together.

When they do end up on a boat and they realise the only way they can stay together is to never to go ashore.

So they raise the yellow colour flag so no port would take them and they drift out to sea ’til the end.

And it makes you realize there are people in your life so important that they dwarf everything else.

It’s up to you to figure out who they are. If you have to give up everything else and spend the rest of your days on a boat, who are the must haves, the ones you can’t live without?

Figure out your own list and then do everything you can to let them know how much they mean to you.


By the way, here’s the link! Enjoy!

Check full movie on putlocker. Meanwhile, here’s the trailer:




Happy Day!

I wrote this while sitting in the bench and waiting for my sister.

Those were the times I felt so helpless and alone but then realization struck me. Why let myself slayed by self pity. I’m not helpless, I’m just blinded.

My eyes were seem covered of all the bad things. I hadn’t see God’s waving hands.

When you feel so low today and like all the luck was forbid to you, that is just a feeling. God listens to our prayers — every word of it. HE is not blind not to see your sufferings, HE is not deaf not to hear your agony, HE wants you to call upon his name and he will promise you the FOREVER of FOREVER.

Do not be afraid for I am with you. Isaiah 41:10 tweet this!

Don’t be sad, your happy day is yet to come! 🙂


Happy Day!

Bury the sorrow
Let joy and love filled tomorrow
Let me forget about yesterday
It won’t bring good anyway
Let me love without thinking
Give without counting
Believe without knowing
For your plans are without my understanding
I hear no word from you
But speak through healing and divine clues
Sometimes my grip is loose
But you hold me tighter, Yes Lord, You
Everytime I close my eyes
I see you smile
Then you put your hands on my face
Pinched me and embrace
You told me it’s okay
Just believe me this is The Way
You said, Lie on my shoulder and don’t cry
Everything happens in its perfect time
I put rainbows after the rain
Night after day
Kid, Don’t Worry
You’ll find that happy day.

– brynelmaries

Finding Silver Linings Amidst My Depression..2 Years Ago..

Finding Silver Linings Amidst My Depression..2 Years Ago..

I woke up not liking to live. It’s like each day reminds me of this world, how it crushed me and I was left picking morsels of faith.

Laughter visits me infrequently. My body rejects food. I was a stranger inside my own body.

I had to work 8 hours a day and project the fakest smile. I can only be my truest self when I’m alone. This is a walk through of how depression almost consumed my thoughts 2 years ago –which had become my habit—and eventually become my way of life.

Absurd that quotes struck like bullets.

Truly, I’ll never forget those mornings that I wish never existed. The feeling of self-inadequacy that I have to go through every day and makes me question my self-worth.

Will I ever be enough?

What else should I change to fit in?

Were all those years, a lie?

Did I do something wrong that had caused this?

Two years that I have to drown myself with insecurity, torture myself with ‘I will never be good enough’ thoughts.

I will be forever stupid, ugly, lame and nameless.

I made myself believed all these. I let people dictate my ways, intrude my thoughts, influence my behavior and rule my life.

I have let them stir my ship where the waves are. I have put no doubt of other’s misgiving and had not given a minute for myself to be heard.

I let them ruined ‘me’.

That was two years ago. I might not be as confident as I am before but I’m learning my steps into it.

Depression wasn’t fun and I couldn’t stay any longer. I don’t want to be stuck with dark clouds over my pillow. I might not be able to control abnormal sweating and how my heart jumps for unknown anxiety but I want to recognize this bad thing that’s going on with me. I want to face every fear I have in my heart and make little steps.

For people who’s undergoing the same thing. Don’t stop by just tolerating pain, do something. You’ll never know, one day, you might just wake up and be surprised by how strong person you have been. You have made your way recovering from stumbles by taking little actions to your problem.

Life is balance but we always see what’s lacking in us and that makes life unfair. We compare our disposition and we never just get contented.

If we could only see our potentials, our blessings, the loving people around us; maybe we could have been more thankful.

The time I have overcome this blinding sickness, I realized three things –

I was depressed because I thought losing people in my life is the end of the world, disappointing them makes me less of a person, that I couldn’t share the love because it wasn’t even enough for myself.


I have GOD above all. And no depression could ever get a hold of me as long as I am holding unto HIM. 🙂



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