It’s not okay

The scariest is when I thought that disparaging was normal and it was all okay to love less of yourself because they said love is supposed to be selfless.

And you let him ruin you.

It’s not okay to let people drop you off, then pick you up whenever they want to.

It’s not okay to be treated like trash.

It’s not okay to reach out and get hung up on the phone.

It’ s not okay to hold on while he thinks it’s so easy to let you go.

It’s not okay to spend sleepless nights crying when he doesn’t even bother to know if you’re alright.

It’s not okay to believe in every belittling word he says to you.

It’s not okay to be the only one who wants to fix the chaos between the both of you.

It’s not okay when you’re the only holding on.

It’s never going to work.

It takes many hands to build a house and two people for eternity. It’s not okay to lose yourself because of him.

The girl who used to smile the brightest and whose confidence suddenly sunken. She had believed in every word you said.

It’s not okay to forget these dreams and erode standards because you have to conform to his world. It’s not okay to forget about what ‘worth’ means. It’s not okay.





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