I could be lost and drown by my own thoughts, by my own darkness
and it’s a bliss to realize it, right after you committed the sin.

Just as I thought that mouth sores were curse, now I think they’re blessings.

I just can’t be a good extrovert.




In the Eyes of the Dog


I’m missing the sound of your collar bells. The way you ecstatically wiggle your tail when I’m near home.


I will never forget your eyes as it settle on me, only for me.

Like I was really your only world..and so you were to me.


I miss you..




Don’t make me get used to not thinking of you..

because cold days could turn into weeks..

weeks into months.. and months into years..






One day

One day

If one day I’m gone, will you regret not having every second spent with me?
If one day I’m gone, will you miss my clingy hands around your neck?
If one day I’m gone, will you remember the way I stuck my nose at your shoulder?
If one day I’m gone, will you chase after our memories every single day?


If one day I’m gone, smile for me love and I’ll smile back from heaven above.


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