Man of my Dreams

autumn lovers

(Take me where the autumn leaves fall then I’ll sing you fm static songs) 

I brushed your hair with my fingers while you placidly slumber in the bed of reddish leaves. I watched you with your eyes closed.

“You’re every inch of romantic movies I’ve watched, the love utopia that I’ve been finding since. “

I’d like to hear more of your unconventional thoughts, explore its peculiarity. We both gushed on how the wind made withered leaves dance and we looked at it like a nice piece of art.

We’d run with our bare feet, not minding the earth beneath our heels. All I can see is your face, brightened up by a streak of sunlight from the gaps of the forest’ heavens.

Now all the light was in your lips. God forbid, you were so lovely and breathtaking but little by little you fade away in the air..not tangible anymore, not audible anymore.

“How could this be so temporal. You were just a taste of decadence that soon be robbed by daylight.” 



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