Night Bliss

Night Bliss

That night, the wild child in me ruled. Then I realized that my subconscious mind was dangerous.

We laughed and we swinged, we bathed our brain with the liquors on our hands. I am half conscious and half not.

It was so sudden. Like magnets we’re pulled closer.

Now, my hand is on your waist and your hand on my waist, it feels so endless and liberating. Thanks to the booze that’d drown me with guts.

Even in my drunkenness, I still remember the way we hugged. And the way I almost kiss your shoulder.  I know it was only for a moment but it was all I wanted that night.

You were ecstasy in my thoughts that I can hardly stop rewinding.


We hold hands. We were just holding by the fingers then, until our hands slowly fill each other’s gaps. I’d like to think that we were in love that night.

But I know, this would be an another unremembered memory of yours. 


The smell of your perfume and how we talked about anxiety. Our everyday struggle to survive and to become normal people. We talked about it like a blockbuster movie. You shared some of your wisdom and dumbfounded me.

Just as I thought it would be impossible to explore your peculiarity. 


You were vulnerable as me that I feel even more protective. I saw that lopsided smile when you were awaken by sudden bump on the road.

It was beautiful. You were tempting. I can’t get enough..

I’d brushed your rumpled hair with my fingers. Even in your most messy form, you were beautiful.


yet I know you were just a night bliss. And not for long, the day will snatch you away again.




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