What Happened to US?


You were once my favorite portrait

But boy what happened to us?

When all the vibrant turns into shadow,

broken paint brush on the floor,

paper tainted with tears.

What happened to us?


The lines and the curves

that draw our memoirs,

yet now washed.

Like a clean slate or an

empty canvass,

What happened to us?


Years passed,

yet perfection still elusive.

My arms gone tired

and the once flaming passion becomes ash.

I lost the things

I thought would last.

My heart, myself and — us.


The room that once filled with sunshine

where the artworks serve as witness

of your backhugs

and forehead kisses,

— was never lighted again.

Boy what happened to us?


You were once the subject of my art

and now all I can write

— is our story and all of its sad part.




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