Her Daily Struggle


Her Daily Struggle


She’s been seeking too much

Frustration dawns her when there’s vagueness

One day, she was so sure of herself

The next day, she felt like a stranger

in someone else’s body.

I looked at her in the mirror

Yet all I can see is a tangible figure

— with a shadow overhead and

a rainbow smile in the crowd.

She didn’t noticed

the dark patterns she left every day.

The way she explains herself to almost everyone

Because that’s the way she like to be defined.

To constantly prove herself to society,

it deteriorates her sanity.

Her mind is a jungle and

the wildlife inside it were fighting.

People never saw the chaos inside her head.

She dressed and act normal but inside she is scathed

by her own self nagging.

She is her own critic. Her own hater.

She never saw that she wakes up and walks with her own enemy.

And it was her daily struggle to not think

that she only belongs to

the land of the misfits.



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