Caged Wings

Caged Wings
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I want to take a different road. Open those wings that longed to flutter.

But every time I try to take a step, a ball of chain echoed in the four walls of isolation. The only free in me is my hand that can touch the air outside of the cold bars. How promising do my eyes see on that horizon? I know there’s a better world into that end.

What is stopping me from getting there?

It was the attachment, this rusty chain embracing my ankle, not tired of holding it for years. For years, I have tolerated my thirst, the chafe stings as it clutched against my skin but will it ever be unlocked someday? I can’t wait for that to happen.

Like a mermaid wanting to walk, I’ll skip and turn and turn until my knees cannot take the weariness.  You’ll be going to see that very big smile on my lips and in my eyes, that would mean ‘thank you’.

But it’s way too far. Again, as the sun set and its light slowly begging goodbyes and so are my hopes.

Total darkness will accompany me on another night. When the sun rises again tomorrow,

it will reborn my wishes –only when the sun rises.




More than a Tuna Sandwich

I don’t talk much about my personal life here on my blog. (Hypocrite alert)

I don’t post much of my pictures here.  (Hypocrite alert)

I’m not a selfie-sh person you know. (Liar)

But this is something I love to share and it requires pictures. For my blog’s sake, I really have to do it. (Convince me more please)

Do you believe that magical things happen outside of your smartphones, tabs, and computers?

I know this is a very sensitive topic and requires more faith to believe in my opinion but yes, it happens. This is not another propaganda to stop clash of clans or any addicting online games.

This is more about having quality time. More about enjoying the mocking and insult of your friends more than viewing VP Binay’s meme on Facebook and meeting new people, physical friends with real hands to shake on. Enjoying the brewed coffee (and that yummy and smart coffee guy who talks about gases and 3rd wave coffee. Lols) Learning about the chemex and v60 and how can wrong stirring makes your coffee taste bad.

Actually, this was a despidida party for my boss. Well, as usual, it never goes the way we plan it but still, it turns out amazing. 🙂

We should have rented a KTV bar but we decided to go on Samurai (Seafood resto) and have coffee after.

More than a Tuna Sandwich

(At the right, the girl with a mint green blouse that’s me and across my seat was Ma’am Novem.)

From a different batch of OJTs and SEO member who come and go, we have gathered a few of them for this night and I know it wasn’t my convincing skills that make them go. It was HER. And what she did with this people that they decided to come to the party.

Maybe she had passed a tuna sandwich on their desk too and put a charm on it. The same reaction and symptoms that are apparent to me. Just kidding. 😀

More than a Tuna Sandwich


(That’s us, listening to the coffee guy and Chemex whatsoever. LOL)

I remember her saying ‘when you do good to others, it will always come back to you.’

She’s right. Just like what happened tonight. They have gathered for her because she is worth everyone’s time. Well, she doesn’t need to be interviewed or be given a few questionnaires to be declared a good boss. It was self-evident enough. No need of further explanation. 🙂

The meet up was so cute that everyone was not that acquainted with everyone. I hope you get it.

To elaborate everything, the first wave of zombies were April and Lorelyn. I mean the first batch of OJTs. As they handed down the throne, Ronel and I were like the second wave. Yeah, brains are delicious. Just Kidding. And we were all under Ma’am Novem’s supervision. How amazing is that more zombies were being produced. (This reminds me of my sunflower head dress during paintopia. Embarrassing.)

SEO family was extended. The night was loaded with Cheryle’s laughter, Inchik amusing behavior, Ronel’s sugar spills on the table (thought this should be a secret), Hera was hailed selfie girl of the year and Lore claims her title as Little Miss Philippines and oyster and more oyster.

Finally, Reyshimar had found a girl counterpart, with Jan Marie’s identity. They are both writers and yeah, it insecure me a little bit but I’m good with what I’m doing now. Still, I don’t close that door of being an author. Ambitious frog.LOL

Jhon was still weird. Always staring at his phone and smiling like a duck. Bully time. 😀 Ka-Law love team still rocking on the stream, giving extra sweetness in the atmosphere. With all those Karen’s punch thrown over to Lawrence shoulder. haha

And me was like, observing everyone, taking down notes on what was everyone’s doing. @_@ No don’t get paranoid, I was just joking. Hehe

I was just happy. Wishing there could be more of these events in my life.

The night was full of realization but the very lesson I learned about is that


‘It takes one good tuna sandwich for a boss to keep her people.’



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Love is like a Ferris Wheel

There will be ups and down. We’ll feel the excitement when that round metal starts to turn. We’ll feel the fear and palpitation when a sudden upward force makes us jerk as if our souls were left on the ground.

Feel the thrill when we’re in for another round.

The next few minutes, the adrenaline rush lessens, finally, boredom strikes.

It becomes familiar. But when you had looked on the other side, you saw that smile on the stranger’s lips.

Now you’re in for another ride.

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