Why Tatlong Pulo, Guimaras Held Me Captive

This wasn’t my first attempt to write about Tatlong Pulo. In fact, I have it drafted for more than 3 years.

But this time I am eager to finish this today since I wanted to practice writing again and seeing this in my draft triggers my self-diagnosed obsessive-compulsive disorder. And of course, this place deserves its five-star review though it doesn’t have a five-star hotel in there nor electricity. Yes, we use kingki during our stay on the island. For those who don’t know kingki, it is a lamp where a piece of cloth seemed to serve as a conductor between the kerosene and the light.

It is usually used by primitive people and even still in some parts of the rural areas. So if you’re expecting a grand vacation with comfy sheets to welcome you, your hopes will fail. But if you’re like Dora the explorer who likes adventure, a little hike, and kayaking. This place is heaven.


Filipinos love storytelling to the extent that if we can only monetize chismis, we could have been a rich country. Lol Going back, during our stay, I had the chance to do a small talk with Manong (the caretaker). He told me that tatlong pulo represents three siblings and that’s all. We were interrupted and I don’t know what happened next. Haha Though the folklore behind tatlong pulo is as vague as my blog post, there is something magical in these islands that would surely keep you coming back. Well, aside from being so pocket or wallet-friendly. There are a lot of reasons why. Here are some visuals to fill your hunger for nature and travel.

The cottage




As you can see in the pictures, Tatlong pulo is not as crowded as Boracay or any other mainstream beach resort and If I’m going to name it as my own, I would call it the haven for the introverts. Because it is in a secluded part of Jordan, Guimaras and very ideal for escaping the boring city life. Though the phone signals are very hard to find, I just think that it’s a good way of disconnecting and removing total distraction in your vacay.

What made me love Tatlong pulo so much is the night life. No. There are no island parties there but a total silence when the night starts to take over the day. By the way, it has a very instagrammable sunset.

In tatlong pulo, the night was even more magical. There were planktons glimmering at the shore and the fireflies light up the sky along the beads of stars. It was the best spot for stargazing unfortunately, I don’t have a good camera to capture those. It has held me captive. Breathtaking. End of drama. And I would definitely recommend for thrift travelers and for the waldas ones. lol


How to get there and other expenses:

  • Ride a pump boat from Ortiz (fare – 14 php and 20 for night time)
  • Ride a jeepney going to Jordan (fare 14 php)
  • From Jordan market, ride a tricycle to tatlong pulo (100 – 200 php)
  • Hike a little and follow the narrow cemented pathway
  • If you’re going to stay overnight you have to pay 150 php per head
  • You could ask Manang to coo your meals (fee 100 php and above) Depends on the number of dishes


  • Pack light.
  • Bring only the necessary. (Don’t bring your whole wardrobe. lol)
  • Bring hammock or tent to save space or cottage rent.


Enjoy! More thrift travel blog posts soon. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


All photos were from brynelmaries.wordpress.com


The Restoration of Molo White Mansion

It was just a twist of fate when we were walking inside Molo plaza and accidentally discover the Molo White Mansion. Facing the church, its grandeur and elegance encourage curiosity from spectators.

The place was actually swarm by visitors, well I can’t blame them. There’s so much to discover in this new tourist spot or shall I say new ‘selfie’ spot in Iloilo.


This shot was blurry. Those were the days ( of low quality pictures and non smartphone users..lol)

At the left side of the mansion, you will see a big tree providing a great shade for the customers. They have this food booth where you can buy refreshment and cookies. A potential escape for people who wants to run away from the tiring sight of rushing jeepneys and crowd. Once in a while, my eyes crave for a sight like this. Even better to pair this with a good book. 🙂


Let’s explore!

So this is just one of the furnitures that you will see when you step inside the White Mansion. Yeah, vintage lovers and antique collectors will surely salivate with all those good old stuffs.

Lovely abstract paintings are also placed on the wall however I decided not to take pictures, for art are best appreciated with eyes only. It’s like seeing the soul of the artist behind that painting –in another dimension. That was deep.  Corny. 😀


Aside from the amazing #proudtobemadeinphillipines furnitures, they also sell other hand-made crafts and souvenirs marked with Iloilo or I love Iloilo.

I guess, tourist won’t have a second thought falling in love with the CITY of LOVE and would surely take home one of these! 🙂

Glad to see that our culture is exhibited in a modern way that could inculcate history to our youngsters today.

Also, I did a little research and I found this:

image by ivan

This was the mansion before it was restored.

Somehow the conservation for old infrastructures was given emphasis because of this restoration.

Iloilo was never really known for having white sand beaches or sweet mangoes, it was visited because its rich culture and history is still running in the bloodstream of its land –in the old Calle Real street or to our old ancestral houses like White Mansion.

They were like hieroglyphics written in the walls of our beloved, a mere representation of spanish colonization in 15th century.

These places speak more history than books could tell.

So we better take care of them because they will always be a part of being Ilonggo.

So that’s it!

Probably by now Molo White mansion already took its spot on Google map. As more visitors, locals and foreigners, will love to see the art that lies behind it.



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