My feet are ready to test the water,
to kick the waves, to be carried away
into the wilderness of the ocean floor.

What’s underneath, I am not certain
but I’ll be here indulging the ride.

Let the waves crash on me,
Let it break my solid form,
Let me learn how to stay afloat.

Highs and lows,
let it carry me,
to where I should be.



Love In Most Unlikely Places

Love In Most Unlikely Places








I saw it in my mother’s eyes when she scolded me.

I saw it on the airport
As they kissed and bidded goodbye.

I saw it in the hallway,
while he watch her go away.

I saw it in grocery bags,
and never thought cash can
be turn into love.

I saw it how it was spoke in a mother’s lips,
As she animates his son’s funny tricks.

I saw it my Father’s silence
though I know, his heart was ripped.

I saw it when my sister cleans the dishes
Cause my brother is going home late.

To my best friend, I saw it in our coffee dates.
Endless conversation, all laughter, no fakes.

I saw it wiring over the air, linking him to her.
Like that great big sky they share and sleep under.

I saw it as the readers gasp in their horror books.

I saw it on the writer’s paper.

I saw it in every teacher’s hand

filled with chalk smudge.



I saw it in every place

But the World cared so less

these past few days.



The Slacker’s Way



Here I am full of vigor
Yet time passed in vain again.
Clock’s never tired of circling its arms
But the devil sings lullaby to my ears.

A chant that cajoles my feet
to the enthralling thoughts
of blankets and pillow.
Who am I to resist
when the bed talks to me
through its lines and comfortability.

Another day crush out
in the calendar.
Another slice of regret.
And then I remember a friend asked

“why do we adore wasting time for mediocrity?”

I just smiled and look at her regretfully.

Be Awake


Our eyes is in waltz
When it’s bound to strike and ignite.
Was it just me, looking for signs
between those replicated sighs.
Is there any chance of crossing the lines
or am I the only one who thinks
that this is OUR time.

Halt the delusional myth
I created on my mind.
There were no cryptic things
it was just my imaginary universe
creating utopia — for you and I.

It seems safe to stay in this world.
But when reality slaps like ice splash in the face.

That’s when I know, it’s morning.

And I said ‘Hey self, be awake’.



Man of my Dreams

autumn lovers

(Take me where the autumn leaves fall then I’ll sing you fm static songs) 

I brushed your hair with my fingers while you placidly slumber in the bed of reddish leaves. I watched you with your eyes closed.

“You’re every inch of romantic movies I’ve watched, the love utopia that I’ve been finding since. “

I’d like to hear more of your unconventional thoughts, explore its peculiarity. We both gushed on how the wind made withered leaves dance and we looked at it like a nice piece of art.

We’d run with our bare feet, not minding the earth beneath our heels. All I can see is your face, brightened up by a streak of sunlight from the gaps of the forest’ heavens.

Now all the light was in your lips. God forbid, you were so lovely and breathtaking but little by little you fade away in the air..not tangible anymore, not audible anymore.

“How could this be so temporal. You were just a taste of decadence that soon be robbed by daylight.” 


My Thoughts When I Ride a Boat

Thoughts when I ride a Boat - Brynel Marie Sequio

There could have been
Thousands of thoughts
this boat might be carrying
It could problems, it could be love, it could be dreams you never had
But as it glazed its way into the sea
All the worry, fear and questions
Seemed to not matter anymore
As you go sailing in the shore.

While Jaiden Novasio thinks that a pen is medication
I got my smartphone tap cause
I found some inspiration
This travel is a breath of fresh air
Like the sea smiles at me and cheer.

No need for earphones
Cause nature doesn’t bore
Waves are like chuckling babies
That makes you laugh without reasons
And when you looked around
inside that boat
Others are asleep, some might be dreaming and here I am writing about them. 😀

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